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I’ve had three requests today from (can I say) “fans” on things they’d like me to blog about. I’ll do one today and then I’ll need to wait until Friday to take #2 as…..I’m PHL to ORD bound! Of course, this puts the other two blogs at a little bit of a risk because I may have some travel tales that simply can’t wait. Weather looks like it’s going to be a problem tomorrow, so anything can happen.

Today’s diatribe addresses the subject of women and their shoes and the request came from someone whose shoe collection is unparalleled. I spent 3 days with her in Florida once and noticed she donned six different pairs of shoes. All of them were 4 inch heels, stilettos. Barb doesn’t  wear just any old stilettos, I might add. She wears zebra stilettos, bright red stilettos, gold studded stilettos, and of course, some funky leather and lace stilettos.

I met Barb on a flight from PHL to Phoenix. Yes, I met her and became her friend on a flight (I haven’t done “talking on the plane” yet but let’s just say, it’s rare for me.) I knew the minute she started making a big scene in the seat in front of me, demanding a new seat cushion, that she was one seasoned female corporate traveler. She had everyone jumping, and she had on one kicking pair of zebra heels. I knew immediately that we were headed to the same conference and I knew that I wanted to know her.

Turns out Barb has been an invaluable friend to me  as she is “on the other side of the business” so to speak. She understands what I don’t and I understand what she doesn’t. But still,  when I see Barb in her little blue dress and black patent heels, I’m always a little bit jealous. I can’t wear those heels anymore thanks to the toll 12 years of en pointe ballet has had on my feet.

So, my question for female corporate travelers is very simple – can you still hang with Barb or are you, like me, a more “practical shoe” wearer?



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