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Yesterday I splurged on a practical accessory that may just save my life. It’s a snappy light blue iPhone case with sleek silver edges made by Pong. No, I didn’t get it at the kiosk in the mall; nope, I didn’t get it at the Verizon store. It’s an online acquisition that virtually screams: ‘female corporate traveler!’

Pong cases are designed to protect owners from harmful low intensity radio frequency (RF) energy that is emitted by cell phones. Some statistics suggest that as much as 60% of these RFs are absorbed into our heads and bodies. In fact, the WHO has classified cell phone radiation as a “possible carcinogenic.”

I don’t know about you, but it seems like a no-brainer to pop a Pong on your phone (especially now while your brain is still working and not yet overstuffed with RF).  Apparently there is some “antenna technology” in the case that redirects RF energy away from you (to the person next to you, perhaps?). and thereby protects you from absorbing these potential carcinogens. One thing I’m not completely sure about is – if the case redirects the energy to the back of the case, will these RFs then go into your hand? Not sure, but I guess hand radiation  is better than head radiation so I’m going with it.

Finally, I like that Pong’s CSO (that’s Chief Science Officer in case you have never head of that C-suite moniker) is a woman Ph.D. named Rong Wang. Yes, I know it sounds a little like “wrong way”, but Rong is going the right way and she’s my new female corporate hero. I wonder if I can follow her on twitter?


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