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Okay, I got a lot of texts and email and even some voicemails saying I left you hanging! Hey, Zoe….what happened at the gate? So, I thought you may have been worn out by my tale so I spared you the last leg. Upon returning to the gate we, we, we……waited. I still hadn’t gotten that chardonnay and I remember thinking how odd it was that no one was groaning or moaning at our predicament. I guess when you’re in your business class bubble, you try to keep up appearances. I decided it was time to meet the captain and I sauntered up to the front of the plane. He told me that some switch had tripped, it was no big deal and had we been airborne, we would have gone merrily on our way.

I don’t trust airline people when they say mechanical issues are no big deal. Plus, I was working myself up into a fairly uncomfortable state. I had us deplaning, scrambling for another flight, only to find them all booked and I’d have to stay the night in some Charlotte airport hotel. Big deal, Zoe?! You’d get some points. Well, the big deal of course was…remember…they had my bag! I didn’t want to stay over with just my portable toothbrush and no fresh underwear. So, I shared all this with the captain and the flight attendant. She offered to lend me some clothes. (I reminded her I needed that chardonnay.)

So, the end of the story is, we waited another hour for some folks (luckily not with giant hammers) to get on the plane, fix the switch, and finally taxied our way out to freedom.

Write and tell me when you found yourself in the traveling abyss.

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