Lost and Found

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A few weeks back I had a day trip to New York (that’s TRE to NYP) and I left my umbrella on the train. Not just any umbrella. My Burberry umbrella. I bought this baby back when Burberry umbrellas were “only” $120 and I’ve carried it to some fine locales. It escorted me to Burgundy and last year it earned its keep on my Russia trip where it rained, or rather, poured six out of seven days.

The fellow at the lost and found in Penn Station told me to “have faith” – someone may return it. Well, I have plenty of faith when it comes to DeSean Jackson making us pay for sending him off to Washington. And I have faith when it comes to Jimmy Rollins stealing second. But I have very little faith in someone handing in my Burberry umbrella, which now carries a $215 price tag.

So, I’m thinking – instead of going out and buying a replacement, maybe a new brolly will find me. You know, like what I said about sitting back and letting things come to me. And, no, I don’t mean waiting for someone to give me one or asking for one for my birthday.

It occurred to me that losing this brolly was symbolic of what’s happening over in Israel right now. You know, how Israel has these shields that pop up in large dense areas when they detect a rocket is about to detonate near them? It’s pretty amazing. These iron domes are like mini automatic Star Wars umbrellas. Luke Skywalker shields the Tanakh. No matter what you’re political leanings are, these defense shields are inspiring.

Back to my non-anti-ballistic missile shielding umbrella problem. Back in 2001, I found myself in Chicago in late September and I was cold. Yup. It was snowing and I hadn’t packed a coat. Normally, I might just suck it up and catch cabs and get out of Chi-town as quickly as I could. But, this time, the price of life was on everyone’s mind and money didn’t seem to matter as much as it had a few weeks earlier.

So, I took a little stroll (well, more like a run) to Michigan Avenue where I scored a mid length black leather jacket. When I wear that jacket, I always remember those first weeks after 9/11 and the quiet hue that hung over the major cities I traveled to and within the half empty planes.

I’m thinking a similar situation may present itself sometime soon where the skies will open – and hopefully Hamas will not be firing at me – and I will spot the “just-in-time” umbrella that will have a story to it. I’m in Denver next week, which is pretty well known for its unpredictable weather so maybe something will happen there. And later this week I’m back in NYC where the weather is calling for thunderstorms, so the umbrella will either find me there, or I will get wet.

Either way, as I watched the train with my umbrella pull out of the station, I thought to myself, “It’s only money. I didn’t lose anything I can’t replace.” And when Mr. Lost & Found told me to have faith, it occurred to me that if I had a choice, I’d use my faith allotment for something other than cashing in on the good intentions of some commuter. I can think of a gazillion things that faith card could be spent on, including not needing those Star Wars umbrellas anytime soon.

Write and tell me about something you lost during your travels and where you would use your faith savings card.







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