Labels and Lipgloss

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Several years ago someone gave me a set of antique glasses that were quite pretty. I guess technically they were champagne glasses and they were in many different colors with nice little crystal etchings in them. But still, I didn’t like them. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that I didn’t like and then it hit me. I’m just not a second-hand kind of girl. I have never bought a used car and of the three houses I’ve had, the first was new, the second wasn’t, and guess what…the third one was new.

New and brand labels aren’t exactly the same thing, but they are close enough. I don’t need to wear designer clothes (and I don’t), but I do need a designer bag, a designer tote, designer sunglasses (many), designer umbrella. Think of it as Designer Accoutrements. Preferences go like this:

Handbag: Ferragamo. Tote: Burberry or Gucci. Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Dior, Ferragamo. Umbrella: Burberry

If you’re sporting a designer handbag and rocking a nice $450 pair of sunglasses, trust me, you just feel good. And if you feel good, you look good. Not to mention – you’re a female corporate traveler and you need to look like you feel good. Plus, in my case, I’m representing money. If you’re going to ask someone to trust you with their money (or their clients’ money), you have to look like you know the value of money (or at least look as if you have money to burn which is the only explanation for owning a $225 umbrella).

So, cough up some cash and treat yourself to some designer accoutrements…one at a time, and tell me you don’t feel just a wee bit better than everyone else.

The only other thing that makes me feel like a million bucks is a good lip gloss. Just a hint of color, a nice sheen, and a good lip smacking taste to it and I’m solid. Bring lip gloss to a meeting? Absolutely! Just stick it on the table along with your pens, paper, glasses, etc. It’s as if, “who wouldn’t bring their lip gloss to this meeting?”

Oh, and the lip gloss can come from the 5 and dime. In fact, designer lip gloss is a waste of money – almost looks like you’re showing off.







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