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I know! I know! It’s been ages since my last blog (well, two and half weeks) and some of you have asked me why I’m so silent.

Well, rest assured, it’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. Nor has it been because I’ve been stationary. Since that last blog, I’ve been to San Fran for a few days and Chi-town for a single. In between, I spent back to back weekends seaside. So, truth is, I’m actually kinda worn out.

So, what is the cause of my blogging block?

Sure, I can tell you about my three-hour delay at O’Hare last week (who can’t?) My newfound appreciation for tequila as a diet regimen. My recent discovery that $100 haircuts do not necessarily trump $25 haircuts.

But the thing that’s cramping my style is that I’ve been reading about blogging and what makes for good blogging. Nothing crushes creativity more than thinking about creativity and the same is true for blogging.

So to combat my blogging malaise, I’ve been working on developing some new travel accouterments. You know, products for travel that most likely would be sold in Sky Magazine. Or on late night TV. Or at an airport kiosk (which typically make mall kiosks look enticing.)

Here’s one new product I’m working on: You know the scenario. Your flight is having problems – weather delays, mechanical issues, flight attendants are missing, pilots are late because they’re on another flight. The gate attendants don’t tell you any of this, of course. They just continue to make inaudible announcements that suggest things will change soon so hang tight. Well, you’ve wiggled your way to a pretty good spot to hang out and wait, nestled in a position that puts you in good stead when they start to board. But now, boarding is doubtful and you know if you leave your spot, boarding will happen and it will happen rapidly.

You could sit on the floor, but you feel a bit old (and professional!) for that. So, how to remain in your coveted spot without wearing down your feet?

Enter VertaRest, a vertical Velcro bed that sticks to the nearby wall, poll, circular column. You can essentially place yourself on the velco (tie yourself in with a belt if you’re unsure) and hang there indefinitely until it’s time to start the boarding process. Think of it as a bug on its back. (BugBed was one naming option but I sense it might have branding challenges.)

Another brainstorm: the “I’m Traveling ” nightgown. I will never forget the night I was in Washington, DC at the Mayflower when the fire alarm went off and everyone had to run downstairs. Ugh. How mortifying to be in the outfit I was in. In retrospect, how could you win? Too little is a problem, and too much is probably worse. I’m not going to say what part of that bet I landed on, but safe to say, I was first in line for the elevator when the “all clear” bell sounded. So, what would the “I’m Traveling” nightgown look like? Well, clearly, it could be adjusted with a quick snap of something so that if an emergency found you in the lobby, it automatically provided a cape that could drape over you. Or it would go from frumpy but comfy to snappy and sassy by a quick belt adjustment that brought the hem up by about 6 inches.

Obviously there’s more work to do on that one, but you get the idea.

Write and tell me about any of your travel accouterments ideas.

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